ā™„updates, surprises, and what I got for Christmasā™„


il_fullxfull.1076156844_dsphMERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

I am really excited about this post! I have some big news that I can’t wait to share!

Let’s Start off with blog updates!

1Elysian Artiste has hit 111 followers!!!!

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I just want to thank you all so much! This means a lot to me and I am really grateful for all of the amazing peopleĀ I’veĀ met on WordPress! Thanks so much!

dĀ Stats Are BOOMING!

Elysian Artiste is getting 33 views every two hours, every day. I am not sure if that is a lot or a little but I am still thankful! Elysian Artiste has gone from a few viewsĀ a day, to 33 viewsĀ hourly each day, that is amazing!


d (1)StartingĀ Ā Elysian Artiste has helped me find the true me.

I have started many blogs about my variousĀ interests, Most of the things I was blogging about, wasn’t really what I truly loved, It was just popular things others were blogging about, such as American Girl Dolls and Beanie Boos. I didn’tĀ get that far and I felt as if I was pretending to truly love those items. I realized that just because other girls wrote about their dolls and got a lot of visitors, comments, likes, etc didn’t mean that was what I should do.Ā  So I started Elysian Artiste and it was one of the best choices I ever made. I learned that being yourself and doing what you love, is better than pretendingĀ to be someone else. I posted my stories, art, and photography, becauseĀ that was me, and that is what I love to do!

big news

My parents let me get a youtube channel! I am super duper excited and I can’t wait!


What I got for Christmas

So I didn’tĀ get a lotĀ of items for Christmas, but my parents gave me more opportunitiesĀ and privileges.


I am so thankful! I have always wanted a youtubeĀ channel! Every timeĀ I was unboxing something or drawing or something like that I would record myself and talk to my “so-called’ subscribers. Now I finally have one! I am so happy! I have been prepping for this channel for years and I am excited to make it a real channel!


For countless years, I have been watching people wreck theseĀ journals, and I always thought that they were so COOOOOL! It literally was the only thing I watched for a while. After a few months of watching the videos, I kind of stopped becauseĀ I got interested in some other things but I still wanted one. So inĀ November, I started to look at the videosĀ some more and I knew I really wanted and I thought it was to help me unleash my creative juices, even more, inspire me to think out of the box.

So basically, long story short, I got one! I actuallyĀ just decorated the cover today and I love it! I am going to be making a series of posts and Videos about the journal and show you myĀ progress!

IMG_0196Ā Ā IMG_0197IMG_0198



I got these really cool markers that connect to each otherĀ and you can build with them! They come in so many differentĀ hues and they are fun to shade with!





Then I got an Amazon gift card! I am probablyĀ going toĀ buy some Copic Markers!

Final Thoughts

I had a wonderful Christmas! And I got some amazing and fun gifts! I hope you had a merry Christmas!

Lets Scribble

What was your favorite thing you got for Christmas? What did you do for Christmas?

Ciao (1)



Word War prep

Word War


Aris @ awkwardarisĀ is Mira Stark

Saanvi is Ava

Starling is Raven

I am Millie

Blackie Sunshine is Ned Forbes

Lainey is Elise

Please list your characters in the comments like this:

Name; Millie

Age: 14

personality: bubbly, funny, nice, kind, artistic, RANDOM, awesome, friendly, brave fearless.

Looks: Dark brown skin, curly black hair with a lavender streak. Millie is slightly tall for her age. Purple eyes, longish eyelashes.

Extras: Millie has a silver bow and sea foam colored arrows.

Okay, I have no idea how this is going to work XD.

After I get each of the characters informationĀ I will write chapter one. Remember, everyone has the creative liberty to control your character in the chapter. Please do not kill others characters in your chapters.

I can’t wait to start!