What I have been working on

 Welcome back to my blog!

Today I am going to share some mini animations I’ve been working on! Also I will hopefully post my. Blue Sky tag answers tomorrow! Let’s get started!

Here is the first one I made! I really Love it!

This is another one I made! I really love how it turned out!

On YouTube I have seen a lot of these animated memes where the character makes different expressions to the music 🎶 I decided o try that out here! 

This is my favorite one! It’s so SMOL and beautiful!

Did you like my animations? Which one was your favorite? Are you interested in animating?


Cutesy Saturdays; Animals

Hello everybody!

Welcome to cutesy Saturdays! This week’s theme is Animals! I have been playing around with Canva and came up with some cute animal graphics!


Cutesy (1).png

Cutesy (2).png

Cutesy (3).png

Cutesy (5).png

Cutesy (10)


Cutesy (11).png

Cutesy (8)

Cutesy (9)

Cutesy (7)

Cutesy (14)

Cutesy (6)


That’s all for today! I hope you enjoyed!

Lets Chat!1

Which graphic was your favorite? Mine was the on that said bunnies are boss!


Check out Kawaii Box!


Kawaii Box is a super-dee-duper cute monthly subscription box for all kawaii fans!

Click for Kawaii Cuteness!



My Thoughts

I think Kawaii Box is a unique subscription box. I think I probably will end up subscribing soon.


What it comes with                                                                                                                          The Kawaii Box comes with at least on snack, some stickers, a cute plush, a squishy something cute and practical and accessories.




Go check out the Kawaii Box today!

Lets Chat!1


Do you enjoy Kawaii Objects? What is your favorite Kawaii Character?                                    Mine is Pusheen the cat!