Hello Mr. Writer’s Block

Hello Mr.Writer's Block.png

Hello, everyone! Today I am interviewing¬†someone you may know very well. Mr. Writer’s Block. The¬†obnoxious Writer’s Block is entering this post this very second.

Mr. Writer’s Block: Well Hello there. I am happy to be on this post. Oh- and don’t worry, I’ve done a lot of practicing. ūüėČ

Ava:*Glares* Well… as long as you don’t ruin this post, then I will be fine.

MWB: Okay, sure I definitely¬†won’t ruin your posts’.

Ava: Okay, first question. Why did you start this profession, of causing others to be unable to think of what to write or how to proceed with writing?

MWB: *Smirks* Since I was a young child, I have been very fond of writing. But there never was a challenge for me. Before I existed, everything was easy. I wanted to make writing an adventure-a journey!

Ava: Well that’s¬†not the case. Because of¬†you *Points at him accusingly* Many people who could have become excellent writers, have begun to form a hatred to writing!

¬†MWB: …
Ava: Yeah, Big mistake Mr.!
MWB: Well… I’m not sorry, it’s their problem that they decided to despise writing.
Ava: *Glares* Okay, next question. What do you like to do in your free time?
MWB: Ruin writer’s progress, Make them start over,¬†cause others to be unable to think of what to write or how to proceed with writing.

Ava: Besides that.
MWB: I like to critique books, and laugh at how the authors took me so seriously. ¬†They didn’t have to change the whole storyline.*laughs*
Ava: What! You did all of that?
Ava: Why?
MWB: Did I tell you that I made Jane Austen rename several of her books?
Ava: No… WAit! You made her rename them!
MWB: Yes Ma’am.
MWB: *winks* Wow indeed.
Ava: Mkay. Next question, Cats or Dogs?
MWB: Cats
Ava: Fruits or Veggies?
MWB: Fruits
Ava: Writing or Blogging.
MWB: Writers, they listen to everything. *Chuckles*
Ava: Money or Fame?
MWB: Money. I’m already famous, just¬†sayin’
Ava: I see *slightly smiles* Rice or Noodles
MWB: Rice
Ava: Okay last question, Pusheen or Micky Mouse?
Ava: Awwwww, how sweet. Pusheen says thank you.
Pusheen: Can you interview me?
Ava: Well Mr. Writer’s Block, that’s¬†all for today!
MWB: Awww, already? Well thanks for the interview, I really enjoyed it.
Ava: I’m glad you did!
MWB: *Leaves post*
Well wasn’t that swell? I’m so glad he’s gone! No offense, I’m just worried he may randomly sneak into one of my post’s.
I hope you guys enjoyed!
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What was your favorite part about today’s¬†post? Do you like Mr.¬†Writer’s ¬†Block? Are you a fan of pushing?

The Chronicles of Evie and Scarlett

The Chronicles of Evie and ScarlettThe Chronicles of Evie and Scarlett.png

Hello, my friends! I am writing a book series! I am super excited to share this with you guys! I have started many stories, but I have never actually¬†finished them!¬†I have been thinking awhile about what I should write about, I was going to write a Fantasy-Sci-fi series, but everything I thought about already existed. So I decided maybe I could write a Christian romance series for preteens and teens, (I have a knack for romance, yet I don’t¬†read romance, but I do think about romance sometimes…so yeah) Anyways, I thought that maybe I won’t rush into the romance, but later in the series it will have some slight romance. Then I thought, maybe I can just forget about romance and write those novels later and just do something that will take girls interest¬†away from boys and not act boy crazy (I’m not boy crazy at all, I just make up a lot of romance stories with my original characters.) Anyways, I think during preteen and teen years girls should focus on growing closer to God and finding out what their true interests¬†are. Learn new things and try new things that are okay with your parents. So, here I am rambling when I could have just said, I am writing a book for preteens and teens about these two best friends who go on adventures in everyday life.

Wow, Ava. That’s¬†a nice big paragraph you have there.

Okay now, let’s meet the main characters.

Meet Evie Parker:

Evie is a clever 12-year-old girl who just finished 7th grade. She is the oldest of 8 children and is homeschooled by her really cool mom. Evie is bubbly and artistic and always has an idea that usually turns into trouble. Evie loves to read and write novels. She also loves to write poetry and usually submits her work into magazines and contests.

Meet Scarlett Luther:

Scarlett is a feisty 13-year-old girl, who is a rebel at heart. She loves archery and swimming, she also enjoys pranking her brothers. Scarlett is homeschooled and lives with her parents and two older brothers. She loves reading mysteries and hopes to solve a mystery of her own. She does huge experiments in her garage which usually turns into a catastrophe. She also likes to babysit younger children.

Summary of book one:

12-year-old Evie Parker is super excited when she wins the National Youths Poetry contest, plus when she finds out that the award ceremony is in the UK, one of her favorites countries and that she is riding a plane there all by herself. When she meets Chimere a talented poetess and artist she becomes inspired and strives to inspire someone else. But when Chimere leads her astray, Evie is tempted to follow.                                  Will Evie have the strength to resist temptations?


If you would like to sign-up to review my book, contact me here;

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Have a wonderfully blessed day!


Letters to Unknown: Chapter one

Dear Unknown.png

Dear Unknown,

Hello, my name is Femi. Yes, Femi. I saw this notebook open and I just started to write to you. I think it’s a little dangerous to put your address¬†on the front of a notebook and leave it. What if I was some creepy stranger and I tried to kidnap¬†you? Anyways I am 16 and I love to write. Btw will you write back to me or not. Never mind that, I also was wondering WHO ARE YOU, are you a girl or a boy? What’s your name? How old are you? Thanks for leaving this out here, I really would like haveing someone to talk to.



Femi smiled as she placed the notebook into the mailbox. She walked back across the street and into her house. She had recently found an empty notebook at the library with an address on the cover. Inside the book was a letter saying to write back and send the person the notebook. She thought it sounded like fun… do she¬†did it. ¬†The only problem was that she didn’t¬†know who the person was, it was left hidden- sorta like a mystery. Femi sighed and sat on her bed. The mail man would be coming any second. He would pick up her notebook and send it to the unknown person, and they would become friends! She smiled as she thought her whole plan out in her head. All of a sudden the doorbell rang. Femi rushed downstairs. A package- for her! On top of the package in permanent¬†marker was her name. Femi. She picked up the package and escaped to her room. She slowly opened the package and saw the notebook. The same notebook she had just mailed. “Well, that was kind of creepy” Femi thought out loud as she opened the notebook. Next to her letter was another letter from unknown. Femi smiled… but in seconds her smile turned to a face of horror.


To be continued….


Renegades is ALMOST HERE!


Hi, guys! I’m sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo¬†excited! Marissa Meyer’s new book Renegades is almost out!






Okay, guys, I’m about to burst¬†into ultimate fangirl mode.









The Lunar Chronicles

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Cinder- A cyborg mechanic with surprises in store.

Scarlet- A farmer who’s grandmother has gone missing

Cress- A gifted hacker in distress.

Levanna- A Queen who was hurt by her sister

Winter- A tormented Princess

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The Lunar Chronicles are one of my favorite series.Marissa Meyer takes the princess to a different level and she breaks the fantasy stereotypes!