Ardent Author’s Writing Challenge #1

Hello everyone!

I’ll be participating in Zielle’s AAWC. I’m super excited to share my first entry!              Here is my team:


I used all three prompts!

 What lies beyond the eyes

Sirens could be heard from nearby, Millie dropped the bag, petrified. She had never been caught before, especially not on Christmas Eve. It wasn’t like she had stolen anything that important. Well… maybe it was a little important to the queen of Adrienelle. She hoped with all her heart that she could escape, but her body was paralyzed, by fear.

Millie woke up to a dark and small room, she could see huge metal bars. The last thing she remembered was that she was tazed. Now she was in prison.

“Well this is a nice change of scenery” She sighed to herself, playing around with the antenna of a gadget she stumbled across.

“It’s a prison cell…” A voice said, matter-of-factly.

“I was being sarcastic.” She mumbled back, still playing around with the gadget.

Wait a minute, someone is in here? She turned around and saw an abnormally tall boy, around her age, with messy black hair and the most alluring silver eyes.

“The names Asher, Asher Wellington.” He smiled. It was a nice smile, but it could’ve looked better. He held out his hand, wanting her to shake it.

“My name is Millie and I don’t know you and I don’t want to shake your hand…” She said looking back down at the gadget and fidgeting around with it. “Besides if I was in preschool I’d probably be screaming STRANGER DANGER!! And I would probably be hitting you with my lollipop!”

The boy laughed, quite amused. “You’re funny Millie!”

Millie looked up at him and began to laugh too, “What can I say, I got it all from my family!” she let out a soft sigh, looking down at the gadget again.

“You miss your parents?” He asked softly, kneeling down next to her.

She let out a soft sigh and spoke slowly, “Yes…I do…” She looked up at him, “Can I tell you a secret?”

Asher nodded, smiling down at her, “Of course, Millie”

“Okay,” She took a deep breath, “I’m the crystal bandit…”

His eyes widened, “You… are the crystal bandit?!”

She looked down, “Yes…I-I am…”She bit her lip, nervously.

“You are like one of the best bandits of all times! PLUS YOU’RE THE YOUNGEST ONE! Wow! “He said excitedly. “Do you have any tips?!”

“You want tips from a bandit who is in jail…? I don’t even think I qualify as a bandit anymore…” She sighed sadly, looking back down at the gadget.

“Of course you do! We just have to find a way out of here. You are clever, I’m clever! We make a perfect team!”

She shook her head, letting out another sigh.

“You sigh too much…” He joked, trying to loosen up the tension. He tried to find a way to cheer her up, he scanned the room and spotted something. With an awkward chuckle he pointed to the mistletoe above their heads.


Millie looked up at the plant and looked back down at the gadget, she could feel her cheeks growing hot, “I’m-I’m not sure if we should do that…” She said rushed, feeling rather flustered.

Asher gently picked her up and gave her a soft kiss. He smiled down at her a looked her in the eye, “Do you feel better, Millie?”

She blushed, avoiding his glance. “Y-yeah, I do feel…Better. Actually I feel amazing!” She smiled up at him.

They looked at each other for a few seconds and then he set her back down on the rug. He took a seat next to her, “Would you like to hear a story?”

She nodded,”Yeah, sure!” she reached for the strange gadget that she began to fidget with.

“I used to live on a farm when I was a kid, and my older brother wanted to be a mechanic, but my Dad, wanted him to take on the family trade, farming. So one day my brother got his first client. He was awfully excited, until he found out he would have to get a car out of a tree, and not only was the tree tall, but it was in the middle of a swamp, filled with abnormally large… ALIGATORS!-or was it crocodiles. I cannot remember, but it was one of those creatures.”

Millie laughed, “Was it really in the middle of a swamp filled with large reptiles?”

“Okay,” Asher laughed, “Maybe it wasn’t, but it was something somewhat dangerous. Like a meadow or something”

Millie rolled her eyes, still laughing.

“Back to the story; so my brother and I drove to where the car was stuck in his brand new jeep. So we drove for what seemed like five hours but it probably really was only an hour and a half, but I have a pretty overactive imagination. We finally got there and we saw a huge tree with a huge car in it.”

“Wait!” Millie interrupted, “How does a car get in a tree anyways?”

“Beats me.” He shrugged, “I don’t know what my brother had done, but somehow he got the car out of the tree. The End”

Millie laughed, “Bravo! Excellent story, or should I say tall tale?”

He chuckled and smiled at her, “I’m glad the crystal bandit has a great sense of humor!”

Millie nodded and snuggled up next to him, “Good Night Asher…”

He smiled down at her, “Goodnight Millie!”

Millie smiled softly and closed her eyes, she would cherish this day forever.

So yeah! This was my story! I hope you guys enjoyed.

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Writing Wednesdays: Characters


img_3664-2 and Welcome back to my blog!

I’m going to talk about how to make your story characters really come to life! Lets get started.


1. Talk to your characters;

Talking to your characters may sound weird, but it really works! I talk to my characters all the time. Its fun and helps inspire you!

2. Pretend to be your character:

Try to talk in your characters voice. Live as if you were a certain character. Ask your siblings or friends if you can role-play, you can even role-play by yourself. Develop your characters style.

3. Interview your character;

Ask your character questions. Or let someone else ask your character questions

4. Pay attention to the people around you;

Look around everyday at people near by. Sometimes I even look at strangers and see what they are doing, that helps me develop a character and a story.

5. Be creative!

Being creative is not hard. Creative is scribbling random words onto a piece of paper. Creative is you writing a small poem. Creative is you having fun and trying to write! Have fun and don’t worry about messing up. Their is no wrong way to write! Everyone  has their own style. Be yourself and have fun!



Did this post help you? Do you have any writing tips? Comment down below!